Green Seminole

I bought a meter several years ago to measure appliance energy consumption and, once again, started putting it to use. It is quite amazing what you discover to be major “energy hogs” in your home. Granted we have quite a few older things laying around (a diverse collection of A/V components and our oft-used AC/refrig/washer/dryer), but I thought it was time to do the rounds again and see where the kilowatts were being consumed.

We live in Florida, so brownouts are quite common in our area. One thing we have quite a few of are power conditioners for the entertainment centers as well as UPSs to keep the servers up and running. Why am I mentioning all of this? Well, the aforementioned devices ended up being quite expensive to run 24/7. Bottom line, we reduced our overall costs by more than 50% simply by paying closer attention to what was running. A few master-slave power strips, replacing some bulbs, and some home automation did the trick.

I thought that these and other findings could be valuable to other folks, and decided to put together a web site to share the information. It is located at GreenSeminole.

While I do have some design skills, I chose to put it together with twitter bootstrap on Rails, and the site was up and running in under a day. Yay! Not only was it quick, but it also allows for responsive design, so it looks great on mobile devices as well.

Have a look and see if you can do something to reduce your energy consumption, save a few bucks, and help the environment along the way!

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