Creating 3D Graphics on a Mac

Whether for commercial projects or personal enjoyment, working with 3D software has always been a joyful experience for me. Back in the old days (1996), I did a lot of work in Caligari’s trueSpace, prior to their buyout from Microsoft in 2009. Today, I am happy to have found a new playground with Cheetah 3D.

Candle Holder

Besides having a fast rendering engine, it offers a plethora of features such as a brand new physics engine and a node-based material system. The support forum is unparalleled; many active users are contributing and willing to help with any issues.

If you enjoy working with 3D software and are on a Mac, I highly recommend you checking out the free version, and of course buy the full version if you are happy with what you get.

There are many examples available in the tutorials. Here is a styrofoam piggy with some help from the forum:

Styro Piggy

The rendering time for the above at 2880x1800 (as a desktop background) was less than one minute on a recent MacBook Pro. Beautiful!

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