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Hello! This is my first post, and I am trying to make it a useful one ;–)

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to blogging. Some of the available choices provide a lot of functionality, but I am leaning more on the side of simplicity and keeping things DRY. WordPress is great out-of-the-box software, but it felt a little heavy for what I wanted to do. It’s based on PHP, which I have worked with for 10+ years, but I guess I could not be bothered ;–) Other great contenders included Octopress, a very easy to use framework for getting a blog up and running fast. In the end, I settled for toto, a simple rack-based solution which fits my needs perfectly. It features great integration with Heroku, which I am actually not using to host this site. So a shout out to Alexis Sellier for making the blogging engine public.

A quick example of how I am creating a new article (blog) with toto:

rake new prompts me for the title of the new post and creates an article ready for editing.

I edit the file with markdown, which allows me to include links, images, and any other basic HTML I need. When done editing, I commit my changes through Git.

In order to push new articles to the server, I use capistrano as an automation tool, and the only command I have to issue is cap deploy. Voila, my new post is live!

It’s really that simple, and as a bonus everything is under version control through Git.

A little up-front time is needed to set up the rake tasks and getting the server configured properly, but its well worth the time.

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