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Take the Guess Work out of Customer Loyalty

Smart, Efficient, Professional Surveys

Makes it easy to get the feedback you need!

NuGuava is the only turn-key system available that creates a unique survey for each of your clients. We tailor every survey to measure aspects of the customer’s last encounter with your business. Our surveys include core questions, expectation questions, tailored items, and strategic outcome questions.

Ready to send surveys? Here’s the process:

  1. An easy way to use CRM data for your survey process Icon_plus
    Data files are easy to construct. The visit date and your client's email are the only required fields. Additional fields you provide can further enhance the flexibility of the survey and reporting options.
    Export and upload your data
  2. Data from your CRM system helps to create an efficient and smart survey process. After the initial set-up, sending new surveys only takes a few minutes of your time. You get instant feedback about the quality and distributions of your data.

  3. Customized and personalized surveys for your organization Icon_plus
    Each of your clients receives a unique survey, based on their last visit with you. Easy to take and professionally designed, with available space to leave comments for every question.
    Customize and send surveys
  4. Customize email invitations and messages surrounding the survey, create customized surveys based on the specific service codes in your data file, and choose if you want to provide incentives for your clients to respond.

  5. Actionable Reports to help you improve Icon_plus
    Powerful report types include comparisons against customer loyalty, internal comparisons, trending over time, client expectations, and clients' written comments.
    Share and improve results
  6. Share results in practice meetings, highlighting key findings and goals shown in advanced analysis. Create reports based on monthly, quarterly, or other appropriate timeframes and emphasize the importance of employees giving consistent service across all clients.

NuGuava handles everything else!

We automatically clean and sample your data and then customize and generate unique surveys based each client’s last visit with you. We send each of your clients an email with an invitation from you and a unique link, allowing them to complete the survey at their convenience.

Overall results and written comments from your clients are compiled in real-time and provided on NuGuava’s website — providing a high-level picture for your business. Reports can also be broken out so you can compare results within each demographic supplied with your data. Drilling down into the results fosters true understanding and provides the details you need to understand your clients’ experiences with your business.

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